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FAKE BAKE Spray Tanning   
Have a beautiful natural tan which takes just 6 hours to develop and will last approx 7 days!
                                                              Full Body     £22
                                                              Legs only     £12
    LOYALTY CARD available - get 8 stamps and have the 9th Spray Tan FREE
                  Made from the finest botanical ingredients, pleasantly fragranced, free from
                                                    preservatives and not tested on animals
Before treatment      -   A Patch Test must be performed 24hrs prior treatment and a Client
                                                Consultation Form is completed.
                                           -   Do NOT shave or wax for 24hrs before treatment.
                                           -   Exfoliate your skin for smooth skin - ready for tanning.
                                     -   On the day of treatment - do not wear make-up, deodorant,
                                             perfume, body oils or lotions.
                                           -   Bring loose, dark clothing with sandals or flip flops.
                                           -   Do not use any other fake tan for a week before you Fake Bake Spray Tan
During Treatment    -   You will be asked to wear "Sticky Feet" which protect the bottom of your 
                                                feet from the tanning lotion.
                                           -   You can wear your own (old) underwear / swim wear or I can provide
                                                disposable knickers and bras.
                                           -   A hair net is worn to protect your hair from the tanning lotion.
                                           -   Tanning is performed inside a Tanning Spray Tent (see above photo).
                                           -   The tanning machine blows the tanning lotion onto the skin so be aware -
                                                treatment is fairly noisy and cold!
After Treatment        -   Wear loose, dark clothing with sandals or flip flops.
                                           -   Keep skin completely dry, avoid water contact.
                                           -   Do not apply any products to your skin straight after your treatment.
                                           -   Allow your tan to develop for at least 6-8 hours (over night if possible).
                                                (Please note - it will come off on your bed sheets so worth investing in a
                                                onesie (with loose ankle elastic!) to wear in bed to protect your sheets!)
                                           -   Drink hot drinks with a straw as contact with a hot cup can strip the
                                                colour from around your mouth.  Toothpaste can also strip colour while  
                                                your tan develops.
                                           -   When tan has developed, wash off with warm water and a mild soap,
                                                avoid body scrubsAvoid swimming pools as chlorine in pools will
                                                fade your tan.
                                           -   Moisturise your skin everyday to maintain your tanned skin.
                                            -  5-7 days after your Spray Tan, exfoliate your skin every 2 days so that
                                                your tan fades evenly.
The Science bit ....
DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)
DHA has been used in self tans since the 1970's.  Fake Bake only uses the most premium DHA in their self tan products.  DHA is not a dye, it reacts with the Keratin in the dead cell skin layer to create pigments called Melanoids.  The life of the spray tan is dictated by the speed with which the dead skin cells shed.  This cycle can be between 5-10 days.  This is why exfoliation prior to having a spray tan is vital, as it means you are starting with all the loose dead skin cells removed and then your tan will last longer.  This also reduces the likelihood of a tan becoming patchy as it fades due to the fact you are starting with an even surface.
Fake Bake Passion Fruit Body Polish is great for this, especially formulated for sunless tanning.

DHA and Erythrulose do the same thing – they react with Amino Acids (Keratin) to turn your skin brown.  This reaction leads to the formulation of brownish coloured polymers called Melanoids.  Erythulose used on its own could to be applied daily, and it never develops a dark tan.  However, when combined with DHA, they work together to reduce streaking and miscolouring for a natural looking tan.  They also make your tan last longer and fade perfectly evenly for a continuously natural appearance.



Julie    07941 338568