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                          Hopi Ear Candles                                       (Thermal Auricular Therapy)
A gentle, warming and relaxing treatment. The use of ear candles has a light suction action and the movement of the flame creates a vibration of herbal vapour in the candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum.  Increases in temperature travel through the rest of the ear and surrounding structures - the change in pressure expands the nasal cavities and sinuses helping them to drain.  It's soothing and helpful for ear wax, sinus congestion, head aches and pain or pressure when flying. 
I use an Otoscope to look into the ears to check that they are healthy, a candle is then placed into one ear, after treatment is complete it is then repeated on the other side. This is the followed by a facial massage which encourages sinuses to drain, increases circulation of blood and elimination of toxins and for relaxation and tension relief. 
I use genuine Biosun Ear Candles which have a medically approved CE mark
(European Medical Device Directive) and number.
Biosun Ear Candles are made of 100% natural materials; cotton, honey and bee pollen extract,
bees wax, sage, St Johns Wort, chamomile and vitamin A, all of which have healing and
anti-inflammatory properties.
PLEASE NOTE :  Hopi Ear Candles must not be used :
 If you are epileptic or pregnant
Have a perforated Ear Drum
Lack of an Ear Drum
Acute Sinusitis
Ear Infections
Inflammation of the Ear
History of Hopi Ear Candles
The oldest recorded use of ear candles is by the Hopi Pueblo Tribe from South Western USA.  They were used for both spiritual and physical purposes.  There methods have been handed down in the form of  paintings and verbally by Shaman "holy people" of the tribe. There are also stories of ear candles being used in Mexico, India and Japan.  "Hopi" means "peaceful". 

Julie    07941 338568