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  A new glamorous way to extend fashion!!  
  Minx nails have been worn by names such as Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguillara, Rihanna and 
  Beyonce to name but a few.
  Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing that is heat activated.  Heat from an Infrared Lamp  
  gives Minx the conformability to fit over the nail.  
                                       Minx with Mini Manicure / Pedicure                           £ 24
                                      Minx with Deluxe Manicure / Pedicure                      £ 34
                                      Individual Nail                                                                      £ 2.50
                                      Removal and Mini Manicure / Pedicure                     £ 17
                                      Removal and Deluxe Manicure / Pedicure                £ 24
Please note :  I need a good length of free edge to be able to make your Minx nails look good,
    so let me file and shape them, don't be tempted to cut them yourself.
 Minx designs available ....
     Sari Design 2          Red Lightning         Joy to the World         Hippy Chick             Gold Giraffe        Emerald Leopard
    Gold Lightning               Gotcha              Hearts a Flying    Red & Gold Fishnet    Leopard Sorbet        Minx-a-cure
           Liberty               Minxlusion 3D      Silver & Turquoise      Silver Lightning             Cheetah             Red Lightning
                                        Flowers                     Squirls                                                                                    Cheetah
   Naja La La Land         Black & Gold         Snow Cheetah           Chrome Pink         Star of Dawn            Spring Hippy
                                        Polka Dots
    Minxlusion Rose    Grecian Goddess        Jingle Bells          Pastel Patchwork        Dots on Blue          Funky Design
                                                                        Rock Star
         Jigsaw           Party to Remember           Rose 2             Gold & Silver Swirls        I Heart You
 Please note  :  it is advised that Minx is removed by a Professional Nail Technician.
Removal takes 10 minutes if done properly.  It cannot be removed by rubbing with
Nail Polish Remover.

Julie    07941 338568