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                             Shellac and Gelish
 At last a long lasting Manicure!! - Lasts at least 2 weeks, many of my clients go 3, 4 even 5 weeks!
  Either Shellac or Gelish is applied over natural nails. It offers tremendous shine, depth of colour and
  a perfect finish without chipping & scratching.
  Shellac and Gelish help weak or thin nails by adding a strong, thin, coating for protection, also ideal
  for nail bitters - nails look so good - you won't want to bite them!!
  Shellac and Gelish paints on like a polish - base coat, colour, top coat - and is then cured under an
  LED light - so zero dry time!!
  Shellac and Gelish can be removed in 10 minutes and re-applied in your desired colour.
  Both Shellac and Gelish can be applied on fingers or toes.  Nails are shaped, cuticles are tidied,
  Shellac or Gelish is applied and finished with nourishing Cuticle Oil.
                            Fingers  :      Shellac / Gelish                                 £ 20
                                                      Gelish French                                     £ 22
                           Toes :              Shellac / Gelish                                 £ 22
                                                       Gelish French                                    £ 24
                Please add £2 if Shellac/Gelish needs to be removed before re-applying
                Removal of Shellac/Gelish with Mini Manicure or Mini Pedicure    £ 17
                Removal of Shellac/Gelish with Deluxe Pedicure                                    £ 24
***  Why not try gems on your fingers or toes to add extra sparkle!!!  ***
(see my Nail Art page)
         Please note  :  it is advised that Shellac and Gelish is removed by a Professional
                        Nail Technician using acetone.  Removal takes 10 minutes if done
                                     properly.  It cannot be removed by rubbing with Nail
                                                                         Polish Remover.

On like varnish - Wears like gel - Off in minutes!!



Julie     07941 338568