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          Waxing for Men    
Hair removal using Perron Rigot and Outback Organics
Warm Strip Wax and Hot Wax - for Sports Men, Athletes or just for a well groomed man!
                                                    Eye Brows                                     £ 10
                                                  Ears                                                 £   8
                                                  Under Arms                                 £ 10
                                                  Full Arm & Hands                     £ 30
                                                  Lower Arm & Hands                £ 20
                                                  Hands Only                                  £ 10
                                                  Chest                                              £ 15
                                                  Chest & Abbs                               £ 25
                                                  Abbs                                               £ 10
                                                  Shoulders                                    £ 15
                                                  Full Back & Shoulders            £ 25
                                                  Upper back & Shoulders        £ 20
                                                  Lower Back                                 £ 10
                                                  Nape of neck                               £ 10
                                                  Full Leg                                         £ 30
                                                  Full Leg, Feet & Toes               £ 35
                                                  Lower Leg, Feet & Toes          £ 25
                                                    Feet & Toes                                  £   5
  Please Note :
Waxing is not recommended if clients :
Are taking/has been taking medication which can thin the skin - ie Roaccutane / Accutane. 
Any medical condition that delays healing (diabetes, steroids, blood thinners etc)
Any medical condition that could be made worse by waxing
Aftercare for Waxing
Your skin will be temporarily sensitised after waxing, following these recommendations will reduce
the risk of irritation or minor infections. They should be followed for 24 hours or until the
skin returns to normal.
*   Keep the area clean and sweat free
*   Only wash or shower in luke warm water
*   Don't use perfumed lotions, soaps, scrubs or make-up on the area.
*   Avoid tight or restrictive clothing. ie tight jeans
*   No extreme heat treatment including hot baths / saunas.
*   No massages or Fake Tan
*   Avoid exposing the area to UVA light either direct sunlight or sunbeds.
*   Avoid touching or scratching the area.
*   Avoid talcum powder, anti-perspirant or deodorants of any kind.
*   After a couple of days and the skin has settled, start to exfoliate the skin a couple of times a 
     week, this will rough off dead skin cells so new hairs don't get trapped under the skin. 
     ie Bikini  Line and back of legs.   Moisturising is great too.
*   If there is an irritation as the hair is starting to grow, you can use Nappy Cream and
     Magnesium Sulphate can be put onto ingrown hairs to draw them out. 
Retail Products for aftercare
             Outback Organics                           Outback Organics                             Outback Organics
     Face & Body Scrub 100ml              Ingrown Hair Serum 8ml                      Bush Balm 100ml
                         £9                                                      £7.50                                                     £12
       Contains micro beads to buff                   For unsightly, painful bumps &               Applied after waxing to calm &
        away dead skin cells.                                  pimples that harbour ingrowing              soothe irritation.  Ideal for face
                                                                                hairs. Exfoliates areas where the             & intimate waxing.
                                                                                hair is trapped.  Use 24hrs after
                   A Bit of Rough

     (Japanese style exfoliating wash cloth)





       Ideal for buffing off dead skin cells.

       Can be used to prevent ingrown hairs

       after waxing.




Julie    07941 338568